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Is the 'Man of Steel' sequel actually titled 'Batman vs Superman'?

Written By Musisi Kaltim on Thursday, July 25, 2013 | 4:26 AM

Batman vs Superman
Since you may often hear if you've been on the web or around another individual within the last 72 hrs, Warner Bros. is creating a follow up to Man of Steel, and it'll feature both Henry Cavill’s Superman And the other most probably-attractive actor playing Batman. (Gosling maybe?) The pr release announcing the film introduced the creative team (everybody who made Guy of Steel) along with a release date (summer time 2015). It didn't, however, clearly condition the title from the movie. However, in a different Comic-Disadvantage panel honoring Superman’s 75th anniversary, film writer David S. Goyer stated there have been 3 options. “We’re really unsure if the title is Superman versus. Batman or Batman versus. Superman.”

Individuals at Comic Movie did some spying and emerged with a few convincing evidence that Batman versus. Superman is presently probably the most likely title for that movie. [UPDATE: The initial confirming on Goyer's comments and also the domain title really originated from ComicBook.com. We regret not crediting them initially.] The title has some roots in Superman movie lore way in 2003, the studio was thisclose to creating Batman versus. Superman, which would’ve concurrently relaunched both super hero franchises. The film would’ve been directed by Wolfgang Petersen. Fortunately for history, the studio ended up restarting the franchises individually, with Christopher Nolan’s Batman Starts leading the charge. (Regrettably for history, Petersen made Troy rather.)

Warner Bros. wouldn’t discuss the film’s title at this time, making sense: Getting become a large buzz-bump in the initial announcement, description of how the could possibly get another Twitter takeover once they really title the one thing. Still, something concerning the “Vs.” title appears a little unlikely. It invokes monster mashes like Freddy versus. Jason or Godzilla versus. King Kong. The super hero films created by Christopher Nolan have trended elegant. (Remember: He’s the man who made two Batman movies without “Batman” within the title.) The ampersanded Batman & Superman appears much more likely. Or possibly Males of Steel? Or possibly Route to Gotham City? Or better Super Christ Figure Punch-Out!


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