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Selena Gomez Recalls Running Away With Taylor Swift

Written By Musisi Kaltim on Friday, July 26, 2013 | 7:32 AM

Selena Gomez
Taylor Swift gave fans an interior consider her friendship with Selena Gomez this year's week. On Monday, which so been Selena's 21st birthday, the “22” singer tweeted out an image in the pals chilling near to the beach, doing their utmost mermaid poses.

Once we had a when using the lovely Selena to discuss her new album, Stars Dance (out now), she gave us the backstory round the pic.

"It’s really at her house in Rhode Island. I had been in Rhode Island. I disappeared for as being a weekend, only to go be for sale her. Which we i did so poses and basically dancing throughout her house, her beautiful, large property,” she appreciated. “And it absolutely was just amazing. It absolutely was a great deal fun. I like Taylor. She’s the most effective.In .

The feeling seems being mutual, with Taylor tweeting the now 21-year-old is “the nearest factor I've ever required to a sister.” That Selena mentioned, “She’s certainly a great person.”

When Sel isn’t gushing about her bestie, she's developing a seniors musical statement on her behalf account new album. But, she demands: "It is not something just wanting to produce a statement. It's just kind of acknowledging the fact I'm turning 21 which I am as being a lady. And, it's beautiful will be able to kind of apply that to my music.

"I obtained to push myself," she added. "I'd prefer not to remain in one location. Therefore I really am happy with what it's kind of switched out."

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