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How to quickly force-quit the current application in OS X

Written By Musisi Kaltim on Thursday, July 25, 2013 | 4:14 AM

While giving up a credit card applicatoin in OS X generally involves pressing Command-Q or choosing "Quit" in the application menu (immediately right from the Apple menu), you will find occasions when a credit card applicatoin might be stuck and wish pressure-giving up. This kills the important process with no inspections for unsaved data, even though not necessarily suggested, may be the last measure for rebuilding a credit card applicatoin (and often the machine) to some functional condition.

When you are by having an unresponsive application and find out a spinning color wheel cursor if you make an effort to communicate with this program, you very well may consider pressure-giving up it. To get this done, you are able to choose Pressure Quit in the Apple menu, after which choose the application within the window that seems and click on the "Pressure Quit" button.

Although this is much less bothersome of the approach, you will find a few alternative methods for you to pressure-quit the present application, by utilizing hotkey combinations.

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Rather than being able to access the Pressure Quit window in the Apple menu, you should use Option-Command-Escape to create up. Should you press and hold Option and Command, after which tap the Escape key two times, you'll pressure-quit the present application. After that you can still tap the Escape type in succession to carry on pressure-giving up other programs.

This method for pressure-giving up could be convenient however, since successive taps from the Escape key continues to pressure-quit other individuals, there's an opportunity which you may unintentionally achieve this, particularly if the product is stuck and also you tap the Escape key frequently, simply to have the queued hotkey inputs be processed at the same time.

Another method of pressure-giving up would be to contain the Change key together with the relaxation from the pressure-quit hotkeys - this can instruct the machine to do something only around the foremost application. So, for those who have TextEdit in focus which is unresponsive, simply press Change-Option-Command-Escape, and you'll pressure this program to exit.


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